miracle child book by Richard LionHeart Simmons

The Miracle Child Book Out Of Darkness Into His Light

By Richard "LionHeart" Simmons

is a story for this generation that is full of hope, light and positivity that will guide you to a place of love, hope and happiness. A place of comfort and harmony. Learn how Jesus Christ can work in your life and embark on this journey of personal transformation with the help of Miracle Child Book​

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Imagine a day when anger does not rule your every decision, or picture having the ability to see and receive love, would not that be amazing? Are you not tired of running, hiding and pretending that everything is well when you are dying inside, screaming at the top of your lungs hoping that someone, anyone would rescue you? 

About Richard

Richard “LionHeart” Simmons has been following and serving the Lord since 2004. He is passionate about the restoration of the fatherless, wounded, and broken in this generation; and an experiential prophetic relationship with the Lord. Richard “LionHeart” Simmons is referred to by many as a spiritual father to the fatherless.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Once I began reading, I could not stop because I was intrigued... I wanted to know how one could overcome all of the obstacles, barriers and hardships endured through life, as Richard has! He not only shares those hardships, but he shares his triumphs! This book is truly for those that don't believe in miracles or feel like they've hit or been at rock bottom but are uncertain how to burst out of that place. This book will breathe life into the person that needs their next breath to move forward in life! I'll definitely be reading again and sharing with others!​
Carl Z.