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The Miracle Child Book is a story full of hope, light and positivity that will guide you to a place of love, hope and happiness. A place of comfort and harmony.
Learn how Jesus Christ can work in your life and embark on this journey of personal transformation with the help of Miracle Child Book

The six things that happen when you meet me

Building strength

This Miracle Child book is about bringing you back to light and life

Learning on the go

Overcome depression & rejection walking into a new place of joy and hope

Fixing the mindset

Experience a true relationship with Jesus
and over come through the Holy Spirit

Improve your life

Miracle Child Book will empower you to face any challenges and motivate you

Flexible transition

Miracle Child book will guide you to a place of love, hope and happiness

Great heart change

Miracle Child book will help you come out of darkness into His glorious light

What Readers Are Saying

I wanted to know how one could overcome all of the obstacles, barriers and hardships endured through life, as Richard has! He not only shares those hardships, but he shares his triumphs!

Dana H.

This testimony ministered to me.

It reassures that no matter where you come from, or what you have done, God loves you.

David S.

There were times when I could NOT put the book down!
While being able to relate to the author, I was extremely encouraged and filled with hope after reading The Miracle Child.

Tara M.

After reading "Miracle Child", I was inspired again to know that sometimes our challenges make us stronger to endure until we find out that the Lord was always walking along with me unbeknownst.

Constance C.

Why wait? Put on your running shoes and run to freedom!

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